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Zaupno o skupnem

Dušan Šarotar

poet and writer

“The universe is a space within us.”

The writer, poet, screenwriter and journalist was born in Murska Sobota in 1968. He studied sociology and philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana. He published three novels since 1999: Free-Diving, Bed and Breakfast and Billiards in Dobray and two collections of short stories: Blind Spot and Nostalgia, as well as three books of poems: Landscape in Minor, My Son's House and Sense of Wind, together with Feri Lainšček.
He has written several documentary screenplays for national television, including film portraits of Gregor Strniša, Mate Dolenc, sculptor Stane Jarm and Milan Dekleva. His latest bilingual book in Slovenian and Raba Slovene, Stay with me, my Soul has been recently published by Franc-Franc publishers, followed by Neither Sea nor Land, a collection of essays.
He says that the individual, intimate je ne sais quoi should not be ever lost. “That's probably why there are stories at all.”