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Margherita Hack


“Everything starts with the stars...”

Professor Margherita Hack was one of the most influential personalities in European astrophysics. She was member of many prestigious astronomical associations and for many decades Head of the Astronomy Department at the University of Trieste. She worked at various American and European observatories and cooperated with NASA. In 1978, she founded L'Astronomia, a bi-monthly magazine.
An asteroid was named 8558 Hack in honour of her achievements in the field of research. Being one of the most prominent secular thinkers in Italy, she was also Honorary President of the Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics. She has written tens of scientific treaties and books on science in her career, including an autobiography, a series of memoirs and books for children. The main role in all of her books is played—obviously—by the Universe.