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Zaupno o skupnem

Marko Pogačnik

artist and earth healer

“The problems that we experience in the environment are calling for change within us...”

Marko Pogačnik ventured into literature and visual arts already before enrolling on the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. A first important period in his work started in mid-Sixties with his ‘articles’, impressions of objects in plaster, and with the OHO Group, a pivotal neo-avant-garde phenomenon in Slovenia, which he co-founded with Iztok Geister in 1966.
The OHO people explored the role of fine arts in society and everyday life while resorting to a series of unconventional artistic strategies. After the experience with the OHO Group, he settled down in Šempas in the early Seventies, where he worked and organised exhibitions with his unconventional Family and after it fell apart, he focused on exploring the land, its features and energy flows. In the Eighties, he developed his method of Earth-healing, comparable to acupuncture, which he calls lithopuncture.